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Bike Commute Photo Gear

  • The Camera: NikonD40 w/18-55mm & 55-200mm lenses
    My beginner DSLR. Easy for a rookie to learn; lightweight to carry around on my back on the bike.
  • The 3rd lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.4
    For the lowlight commute. Doesn't autofocus with the D40, but I'll deal with that.
  • The Remote: NikonML-L3
    Along with the tripod, to eliminate camera shake in the long exposures for my lowlight commutes.
  • The Ballhead: Bogen/Manfrotto 484RC2(Quick Release)
    Also recommended by the B&H guy for ease of use and reliability, especially with the tripod I got
  • The Tripod: Benro C-158n6 Carbon Fiber
    A carbon fiber tripod for my steel bike! I liked this one because it's light and streamlined, and thus easier to tote on the bike. The leg locks are twisty rather than un-latchy, and that makes it faster to use as well as skinnier. The B&H guy recommended it, too, even though I originally wanted a Bogen. But the Bogen was notably clunkier to carry.
  • The Pack: Lowepro Inverse 200 AW Beltpack
    This was the best solution I could find for carrying the DSLR. More comfortable for me than a backpack, and I'm not going to carry the camera on the bike. Reasonably convenient to spin around from my back to front to get the camera out.

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My Photo

What it all means

  • This is a blog in the midst of a THIRD transformation, which accounts for its weird mix of content _ not to mention its URL. I envision it _ subject to some refocusing _ as a conglomeration of words and photos depicting my new neighborhood in Harlem plus my continuing efforts to learn still photography and video. Plus some random cycling and running. Some of that will be in Harlem; some won't be. Links and related material will evolve as well. For starters, it remains focused on the blog's previous two renditions, which focused on my bike commute from the Bronx to Manhattan, and before that on my efforts to learn multimedia. The head spins

My Other Bikes

  • LeMond Zurich, 2001
    I'd gotten it in my head that I wanted this particular bike. Long story on how I'd fixated on it. But this was the one I wanted. And there one night, in an idle search of Craigslist-NYC, it was. So of course I had to get it. Steel. I love and cherish it.
  • Specialized Tarmac Expert, 2007
    I have the red version. I'd prefer that it not be red. But what can you do. Rides great and I love it, but I wish it weren't so red, and so generic. This was paid for with my security deposit refund when I moved from Manhattan to Riverdale.

Bike Commute Bike Gear

  • The panniers: Axiom Kootenay
    This is just big enough to hold the tripod (see Photo Gear section)
  • The saddle: Specialized Toupe Gel
    Some love it; some hate it. I like it pretty well. Much more comfortable for me than the fatter saddles.
  • The Pedals: Crank Brothers Eggbeaters
    You don't so much "clip in" as simply "step on" these wonderful commuter pedals. Made for mountain biking, they're perfect for the commute because clipping in and out is effortless. Perfect for frequent stops and starts. Wouldn't use for long rides, though.
  • The Bike: Surly Cross-Check
    This is a fantastic bike. Got it for the C&O trail ride and now use it as my commuter bike. Rides like a road bike, but has fat tires that deal with city streets and plows through muck like a Jeep. It's steel.